Dr. Brown’s 2023 Crystal Ball Predictions

  1. Muscle testing will develop into as necessary as bone density testing as docs perceive the intertwined growing old lack of each bone and muscle.
  2. Every thing Is Vitality” will develop into a well-known idea and the recognition of vitality medicines will surge. You will notice extra homeopathy, acupuncture, Qi Gong, Reiki, and plenty of different therapies together with Chakra balancing and even tuning of the invisible vitality fields across the physique.
  3. Researchers will uncover how one can flip sound into bone as they establish the vibrational frequency able to turning stem cells into osteoblast bone-building cells.
  4. Worldwide there might be a push for common vitamin D testing because the world assimilates the teachings from the latest flu epidemic.
  5. Authorities subsidies to the fossil gas industries might be transferred to subsidies for native fruit and vegetable farming packages.
  6. The restrictions of bone density testing by the present DEXA X-Ray system will develop into increasingly more apparent igniting a seek for higher methods to evaluate bone power.
    Use of the brand new Italian ultrasound bone fragility testing machine will acquire traction in Europe. Within the US, nonetheless, the medical business is not going to embrace radiation-free ultrasound testing of bone, however will promote CAT scan bone testing, regardless of its radiation publicity.
  7. On the earth of bone drug remedy, the abbreviation NNT (Quantity Wanted to Deal with) would be the query you ask. By widespread demand, the advertising of prescription drugs should disclose the NNT, that’s, they should report the variety of individuals handled to get one optimistic final result.
    For instance, they should report that 21 high-risk girls must be handled with Prolia for 3 years to forestall 1 spinal fracture, and that 230 high-risk girls should be handled for 3 years to forestall 1 hip fracture.
  8. Scientists will spotlight the hyperlink between the harmful acidification of our surroundings (oceans, rivers, soils, and air) and the health-limiting acidification of the human physique.
  9. Bone well being will come to be seen as each a marker of and predictor of complete physique well being.
  10. “Could I develop into as good as my physique” will develop into the brand new mantra as science explains to the general public the nice intelligence inside every of us.
  11. Measurement of first-morning urine pH will develop into as widespread as brushing your enamel because the phrase will get out that this easy measurement can inform if you’re consuming sufficient minerals or not.
  12. Surviving indigenous individuals all around the globe might be recommended for his or her historical consciousness that once we poison the earth, we poison ourselves.



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