Looking Discomfort w/ Sterling Hawkins

Is discomfort really a very good factor? Many people do no matter we are able to to keep away from it, however in actuality, discomfort could be a suggestions system, and might help level us ahead.

On this episode, we’re joined by entrepreneur and keynote speaker Sterling Hawkins in regards to the subject of discomfort and the way you not solely wish to embrace discomfort, however search it out.

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  • Prime 3 Productiveness Assets [2:20]
  • What led Sterling in direction of the idea of discomfort professionally? [4:09]
  • How would Sterling outline “discomfort?” [9:17]
  • What’s Sterling’s framework of “5 Discomforts?” [16:51]
  • What’s Pike Syndrome? [25:17]
  • How would Sterling suggest figuring out your discomforts? [34:33]
  • How would Sterling recommend in search of out new challenges? [37:07]
  • What’s the remaining step to searching discomfort? [41:20]
  • Motion step you’ll be able to take to combine at present’s subject into your life [43:45]


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